Sister Cities International- who are we, and what have we done?

Representing over 500 U.S. cities with 2000 partnerships in 146 countries, Sister Cities International promotes peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation one individual, one community at a time. For over six decades, we touch the everyday lives of millions of people through economic development projects, academic and scholarship opportunities, resilient cities initiatives and environmental programs, arts and cultural heritage activities as well as municipal, youth and sports exchanges.

Sister Cities International has a rich history of citizen diplomacy and building relationships all across the world. Providing experience in international affairs and citizen diplomacy to youth is a critical part of any sister city program. Sister city exchanges are often the first opportunity that youth have to travel abroad, and the experience of being a guest rather than a tourist is a unique opportunity that helps them develop cross-cultural competence and maturity.

In addition to trade delegations and tourism dollars, sister city programs create connections with international municipal officials, institutions, and businesses. These connections build trust, access, and expertise that help local businesses find new opportunities and resources. Peer-learning between municipal employees and elected officials through sister city activities has helped cities implement innovative policies and management techniques in sanitation, water, health, transportation, tourism, economic development, and education. Sister city programs also raise funds or collect supplies for natural disasters or other emergencies in their sister cities.

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